Terra Volta

“Put on your dancing shoes en bring one of those colourful cocktails with a little umbrella on top, ’cause it’s Terra Volta’s hot blend of bubbly reggae, infectious ska and stirring balkan that’s gonna give you an instant sun-soaked summer feeling!”

We would like to introduce to you Terra Volta!

Hailing from Nijmegen, this exciting Dutch band started life as a small acoustic jam band.  But has evolved now into a dynamic, seven-piece party outfit. Which turns every audience into a dancing crowd. Terra Volta uses a blend of multi-cultural influences from different corners of the world, from ska and reggae, to Balkan, African and Caribbean sounds to create an upbeat and lively musical experience. They debuted with their EP Revelry in 2018. New in 2024 is the release of the ska single Maak Je Los. Is is the first Terra Volta song with Dutch lyrics.